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What we do?

​Here at Peak Power Tuning we guarantee to work within the engines safe limits and at no point will we exceed these. The additional power which the engine receives also requires fewer gear changes, which in turn often reduces overall wear.

​Manufacturers incorporate a tolerance on all engine parts to cope with the natural wear and tear of being on the road aswell as production variations, this reduces the number of claims made across the industry average 3 year period.

All modern vehicles have a computer on board called the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU is a computer that controls the operation of the engine.

For example:
It controls when fuel is injected and at what quantities this involves, It also controls when the fuel is ignited and every other aspect of the operation of the engine is monitored and controlled by the ECU, the ECU can be reprogrammed to remove the DPF or EGR, this is commonly known as DPF/EGR Delete.

If we move the torque curve lower in the rev range it becomes easier to drive more economically, the driver can stay in higher gear instead of having to change down.

​The vast majority of race and rally engines are pushed for every extra BHP and often result in failure, this is where our High quality tuning service differs. The service we offer stays well clear of the limits which lead to an engines component failures. MODIFYING

​Power – Cleaner Emissions – Better Fuel Efficiency!

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