Car Remapping Nottingham

What we do!

​​Peak Power Tuning works with one of the largest Tuning Companies in the United Kingdom that go by the name of DK Tuning.

After remapping 4,000 vehicles in the last 2 years alone and covering over 30 counties, our success has come from our passion for looking after our clients from initial contact through to aftercare.

​We are based in Nottinghamshire we have had the pleasure of working on numerous vehicles across the East Midlands, whether you want to visit us and test out your new limits on your journey home or have us meet you at your chosen location we can accommodate regardless.

The remapping process is often carried out by owners who wish to increase their car performance levels and exceed their current boundaries. Remapping impacts several different aspects of the overall vehicles performance, some of which are listed below:

  • Optimised Fuelling –
  • Turbo Charger Boost Level
  •  Adjusted Ignition Timing
  • Additional BHP and Torque

​TUNING FOR ECONOMY- Anywhere from 16+ percent better fuel economy!​​​The ECU All ECU’s come with a conservative map due to individual engine variations, infrequent servicing, and poor fuel quality amongst other things.

For a free quote on your vehicle, all we need is your registration number and postcode just fill in the form below for your free quote.